The daily routine brings up a lot of stress. That is why people are searching for some places to get rid off the stress. They are looking for the old-fashioned and just being together for some relaxation. They want new and interesting experiences that wil make their lives more entertaining and exiting.

Welcome to the Future is the merge of several creative parties from all disciplines. Not only international top artists perform at the festival but there is also place for new talent.

Besides dancing on the dance floor there is more to do at welcome to the future. Art, knowledge and entertainment. Search for hidden chill out’s in the woods, creative challenges or multifunctional wooden structures that are spread across the festival. Everything is made by the people of the deco team in collaboration with young creative parties.

When I visited welcome to the future myself it felt immediately like I was at home. There where chill and relaxing spots everywhere. And this in combination with the music and the nature of the location was perfect and very inspiring. Just by walking across the area I saw all different kinds of people, artworks and colors. Those things were an experience itself!

The beauty and charisma from the place where the festival takes place (’T Twiske), is something that they really appreciate. Therefore their goal is to support the nature, the residents and the surrounding.

Why is it cool?
Welcome to the future is the only festival in the Netherlands that is appreciated with four stars, by the Greener Festival Award of Excellence. A lot of volunteers are helping during the festival to keep the place clean. Because they put so much effort in the environment and in new artist that are able to perform on the festival, it is a great and innovative concept.

Do you want to know more about the festival or do you want to visit it yourself? Go to the website: http://www.welcometothefuture.nl/

welcome to the futere    welcome to the future


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