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Everybody wants to feel literally and figuratively comfortable in their own skin. People don’t want to spend their gym hours in a big and massive gym anymore but are looking for something more personal and intimate. People want to go back to the basics and want to know more about the philosophy. They are also more and more interested in themselves as an individual.

LivewithFlow is a body and mind studio in Breda founded by Floor Naalden, who is in the same time my sister. In this concept all the passions of Floor come together that will take you to a higher level.

With Pilates and BodyFlow you can give yourself a moment. An hour of enjoyment, letting go of any tension, building up your strength en develop yourself. Make time for some rest for your body and mind, through this you’re not only getting stronger but also your balance will improve.

The lessens are given in a beautiful and pleasant dance hall. Not only she gives you a peaceful work-out. She also takes care of a special selection of music, what is also a very big passion of her. Music makes her happy and she want to share that feeling.

The first try-out lesson is for free. When you arrive you will get immediately a warm en pleasant feeling. There are candles everywhere and some classic music is filling up the room. You can make yourself a cup of tea and choose a yoga-mat or bring your own (you can also buy them at Flow). The lesson starts and Floor is leading you through this hour and she will show and tell you what to do.

Why is it cool?
Livewithflow is a cool and new way of letting go of any tention. You don’t need to go do the massive gym to spend your workout hour.  During this lesson in the a small and cosy room you get personal attention and Floor makes you feel very comfortable. For a moment you get the feeling like your alone on the planet because of the hour that you spend on only on yourself. The workout hour, the tea, the candles, the cosines and the unique situation itself is a great experience.

Not only is Floor busy with her music and lessons. She also has a love for food. When she found a new, nice and healthy recipe, she will post in on her website. If you want some more information about Flow? Go to the website:

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