Disneyland Paris

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The first time I visited Disneyland was when I was very little. I don’t have full memories of the days that I spend there. But there are a few things a remember from that time. Everything was sparkly, everything was big, all the Disney figures that I saw where a dream came true. It was a fantasy world where I wanted to live when I was older.

Last winter I was so lucky to go to Disneyland Paris again! I didn’t know what I could expect because it was a long time ago when I went there. It was around Christmas, so everything was decorated with pine branches, lights, little Disney figures and colors. The surrounding seemed unreal.

Of course everything wasn’t as big as when I was a little child, but everything is so overwhelming and unreal and that’s why it is equally as special as it was years ago.

Not only the environment is an experience itself. There are also a lot of attractions for young and old that will make you forget your daily routine and will make you stress-free. When I walked trough the park I was amazed by the enormous sculptures as decoration, the plants shaped in incredible forms and the diversity in attractions. You can go into a roller coaster, go into a spooky elevator that will scare you, go into a visual movie attraction and a lot more. You’ve got the feeling like you’re in a whole different city. There is a street full of places where you can eat, drink or buy some souvenirs. During your walk you hear music that keeps you in a nice and happy mood.


Why is it cool?

The busy and hectic lifestyle nowadays brings up a lot of stress. People are looking for places to escape to when they need to de-stress or just want to be in an other environment. Disneyland takes care of memories that wil last forever. For a moment you forget the real normal world. In this park you get the feeling like your in a complete different world and trough the incredible surroundings you forget everything around you.


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