Prayers that will increase your happinez!


Prayers that will increase your happinez

Happinez is the biggest mind-style magazine for people why are interested in meaningfulness and delving in, in combination with a pure and stylish way of life. I always liked Happinez because it is full with inspiring quotes and stories. In this edition I saw a cool and inspiring story about the Latifa-prayer. Praying is something you can do in your spare time. People want to have some personal time to escape from te daily hectic. The article was about a cool and easy way that will help you relax and lose stress. This But what is a nice way to pray and relax and is easy to do all by yourself? The Latifa-Prayer is a nice way that will help you decline your stress level.

The Latifa-Prayer originates from Soefism. It is a religion of awareness. You learn that you are responsible for your own peace and happiness. In this process, breathing is a very important. You need to breathe steady and easy. You need to find your own smooth way of breathing that fits you. When you found it, you can start with the Latifa-prayer.

– 1. At first you place your right hand on your left flank by the help of your left hand. Than you say out loud: I exist. You breathe steady and softly and think about the reason why your existing. Questions will appear in your mind. Answer them.

– 2. Bring by the help of your left hand, your right hand to your right flank. Say to yourself: I desire. Think about the things you desire and be aware.

– 3. Bring your right hand to your left lung. Always use your left hand to help your right hand. Say to yourself: I hope. Think about all the things you wish and want in life. Because of this you are going to be able to make space in your mind.

– 4. Bring your right hand to your right lung. Say out loud: I believe and I trust.  Believe and trust will make you stronger and will help you to let go of your hope and be certain about the things you doubt.

– 5. Place your right hand on your neck. Say: I let go. This area consists of all the things you keep to yourself like sadness, anger and your own voice. Because of letting these things slip out your mind, you will breathe better. Thinking of your own believes helps you to achieve this exercise.

– 6. Place your right hand on the centre of your chest. Tell yourself: I love. Loving is one of the strongest and purest feelings we have. Give your heart a chance to speak. Bring out your deepest desires.

7. To finish the prayer you bring your right hand above your bellybutton. Place your left hand on top of it and say the words: I am prepared. Being prepared will connect you with your own voice. The things you want and desire.

Why is it cool?

With the Latifa-Prayer you can find your inner peace and trough this you become happier. This experience is only for yourself, to become more aware of your own peace and breathing. The personal attention to yourself is something that you see more often nowadays. It will be easier to understand your deepest feelings because of the prayer. This knowledge can make your day a little more pleasant. Do you want to read more inspirational stories? Buy the Happinez magazine, November 2014.



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