It is saturday evening and you don’t have any plans for diner. Do you want to go out or do you want to stay home? When you choose to visit Al Dente, then you’re visiting a restaurant but in the same time you have the feeling like you’re in a cosy house.

Al Dente is a little and cosy restaurant placed in Breda where you can eat the most delicious italian food you’ve ever eaten. From pasta’s and risotto’s to meat and fish. Everything you can eat reminds you of the great cooking skills from the italian people.

When you visit the restaurant, you get a feeling like you’re at home. It is a small place with on one side couches and on the other side some nice chairs.  There are candles everywhere that make the room very cosy. The atmosphere at Al Dente is something that really stood up to me. Small photo frames and all kind of vases on shelves are filling up the wall.

You’re getting welcomed by the owner of the restaurant who also serves you your diner. There are only a few people at work at Al Dente because the restaurant is small. You get the same people at your table every time and this gives you a personal en intimate feeling.

When I ordered spaghetti carbonara, a big plate was placed in front of me. The pasta tasted incredible but it was clearly too much for me. And for that they have a great solution. They don’t like to waste food, so if you like to take your leftovers at home, you can get a doggy-bag

Why is it cool?

In our society everything is focussed on the mass. Restaurants are getting bigger and bigger and it is nowadays hard to find something intimate and unique. We don’t want to be part of the big mass anymore but want to go to the small and one of a kind. We want authenticity instead of massive.

Because of this, more places appear with what we call the: living room society. They want to create nice and particular spaces where people can escape from the daily mass. Al Dente is a restaurant that not only gives you lovely meals but also wants to give you a special feeling and experience trough the personal attention that you receive and the home atmosphere.

Do you want to see whats on the menu? Or do you want to make a reservation and you don’t know which number to call. Go to the website:

al dente 2


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