Wait and Play

The cities are getting fuller, bigger and are blooming, also called as sustainable cities.The population density in cities is more than 46 times higher than the territory outside of cities. The average population density for cities is 1,593.5 people per square mile, while the density outside of this area is only 34.6 people per square mile. But how is our town going to look like, what kind of new habitats are making place. We see a lot of new things coming up with technology. We do not only use our streets and houses for living, but we are also trying to make it more playful. Walking on the street needs to be an experience itself. In Germany there is a new game designed. The game itself isn’t new, but the places were you can play the game is. Traffic lights are fitted with actual Pong games for pedestrians to play while they wait.

Why is it cool

You want to cross over the street but exactly when you want to walk on the street, the light switches on to red. Nothing is more boring than waiting. This new way of plaining a game with somebody that you probably don’t know and who is on the other side of the street is perfect to kill time.The displays also show people how long they have to wait until the next green light, acting as a match timer for their game. Not only it is for fun. It also avoids people to become part of an accident because waiting is not that horrible anymore.


I think this had future growth potential because it has the potential to “convert boring waiting times into positive experiences”, as well as discouraging people from darting through traffic instead of waiting for the lights. The sustainable cities in the future will contain a lot more games than there is now. The games of the future wil focus on escaping from reality. For those born after 2015, full immersion in virtual worlds will be as frequent and matter-of-fact as checking Facebook is today. “Presence” will replace “social” as the thing 20-somethings expect from all technological experiences. Such activities may come to be considered not “escapist” but as authentic as everyday life.








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