Discovery #12 Fifty Things

Note 50 things that stood out when you did one of the next activities: A visit to the library, an excursion to the greengrocer or a walk trough along your neighborhood.

(Blz 53)

”Before you can get conscious of the trusted, the trusted first needs to be disconcerted from the everydayness. We don’t need to assume that the object in dispute is a matter of course. How many times you encounter it, how unwitnessed or characterless it is. From now on it gets a mark with special on it.

– Bertold Brecht.’’

A walk trough my neighborhood:

1. Dark cloudy air

2. Braun leaves on the ground

3. curbs

4. Asphalt roads

5. Houses

6. Several cars

7. Several people

8. Cyclists

9. Dogs

10. Plants in front of the window

11. Chewing gum on the streets

12. Plastic shopping bags

13. Children playing

14. wastebasket

15. Grass

16. Door handles

17. Garbage on the street

18. Green

19. Windows

20. Hats and gloves

21. Filter-tipped cigarette

22. Crow

23. Acorns

24. Weed between the sidewalk tiles

25.Wind trough the trees

26. Broken lighters

27. Branches

28. Lampposts

29. Curtains

30. Plastic bottle

31. puddles on the road

32. Dead leaves

33. Dog poo

34. Tire tracks

35. Puzzle piece

36. Chicken

37. Fences

38. Dirt Track

39. Blowing of the wind

40. The engines of cars

41. People talking en laughing

42. Drenched leaves and trees

43. A grandma with a walker

44. The smell of rain

45. Lake

46. Singing sound of birds

47. Reflection of light on the street

48.  Ringing of the bell

49. A Scooter

50. Trees with a lot of small twigs

It was a fun assignment to do. I noticed things that I normally don’t think about during my walk in the neighborhood. It was also a moment of relaxation because I was walking without a purpose. I was just walking. I was looking around and paid attention to the noises around me. It was a fun assignment.


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