Discovery #1 Where you sit right now

Write down 10 things about your environment. Things that you didn’t noticed when you sat down. Use all your senses. Do it quickly without arbitrariness

(blz 29

”Mostly we don’t see what is important for us, because it is right in front of us.

– Ludwig Wittenstein”

1. My mother singing. She is trying to sound as good as she can, but is still isn’t nice to hear.

2. The reflection of light from tea lights. You see the reflection against the wall and the table.

3. I hear boiling water from the kettle. I am making myself some tea.

4. The red light of the button by the phone. This light means the Phone is on.

5. The noise of cars passing my house.

6. The smell of garlic, because my father is preparing dinner.

7. A spider web in the corner of the ceiling.

8. The steam that is coming from my tea.

9. The dust under the television. The TV-holder needs to be cleaned.

10. The drapery of the couch. It has a ribbed pattern.

At first it was a weird assignment to do because I was looking around and didn’t know which 10 things I could write down. But I think I was thinking to much in the beginning. Than some things stood-up that I didn’t noticed before. I wrote down the  things I didn’t realized before. It was nice that I became more aware of my surrounding.


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