People have no idea if their breathing is right nowadays. A lot of pain in the body are caused by a bad breathing manner. Is there a way to keep an eye on and also improve your breathing? This object ensures a better work balance and a healthier life.

It looks like a grey stone with a clip on the side. The makers recommend to weir the spire in your waistband or to secure at your bra, as close to your skin. The spire measures your breathings frequency, and sends this true  bluetooth Low energy real-time data to the cloud. With the spire application you can see how you breath, if you are tense or focussed.

Your breathing reflects the mental state that you’re in. (stress, tense, relax) but besides that you can influence your mental heath through breathing exercises.

When your having stress and pressure, neck and shoulder pain could arise. Mostly this had to do with breathing problems. A few more exhale can be a relief of those pains.

The Spire costs 119,99 euros and is an easy and also a fast way to beware of your own breathing. If you want to order the object or if you want some more information, go to the website:

        s        spire-breath-app


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