zombies run

A lot of people want to workout to get some condition or to lose calories. When the sun is shining outside you don’t want to spend your workout hours in the sweaty gym. Of course you prefer to run in the park. How can we make our run more fun? To feel the necessary adrenaline during your run there is the Zombies Run Application.

Due to this app you can not only take your run skills to a higher level. In eight weeks you are getting trained to run 5 Kilometers. Also you have a mission to save the world. Zombies took over the world and you’re the last person on the planet. So you need to find the save place  on earth back. In your earphones you hear what to do, while the zombies are chasing you. Through this app you get stimulated to do your out-and-outer best when you are running. It is very simple and fun, the more you run, the more objects you collect, the more opportunities you have in the game. This game is going to make us want to run that extra round. When you saved the world or when you tried to save te world, statistics appear on your phone. You don’t only see the distance that you ran, the time en speed, but also what you need to do the next time that you run to collect more points. Think of collecting stocks for example. This will help you build pressure, what ensures a new challenge every time you run.

The app costs 3,59 that is about the same as a fitness subscription,so the price should be nothing to complain about. There is also a second part of the game that is already out. If you want to know more about the game or the second part? visit the website:

        zombies run ipone            zombies run 2


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