Vessyl 1

We want to know everything about what we eat and drink. If it is healthy, if there is any caffeine or protein in it. The knowledge about the things we put in our mouth and the consequences for your body are important at this time. How can we make it easier to get more information about the fluids that we drink? The Vessyl is the Solution!


-National Health and Nutrition Education Survey-

This is the world’s first smart cup conceived by Justing Lee. The Vessyl can tell you exactly what you’re drinking and also the nutrient content, trough a LED screen on its side. With an app you can see the data of your habits.The cup will also tell you how much you need to drink to be hydrated, how many calories you’re drinking, or if you need more protein.

When you put coffee in your Vessyl for example, you can see how much caffeine is in it and this will help you smooth out your consumption.

The Vessyl can help you by building muscles. Of course you need to do the lifting yourself, but the cup will track protein and recovery beverages so you get the most out of your workout.

Through the Vessyl you can sleep better because you learn how to choose and time your beverage intake to get quality sleep. 

The Vessyl is good for your health because the cup helps you to understand how your “liquid calories” add up over the course of the day and week. You get instant real-time feedback, so the Vessyl will help you make the best decisions about what to drink. And because good hydration is also helpful for weight loss, using the Vessyl to stay well hydrated, may even lead to better food decisions too!

Charging is as simple as placing your Vessyl on its saucer (that is included). Plug your saucer into an outlet, and your Vessyl will charge. It takes roughly 60 minutes for a full charge and will last 5-7 days based on usage.

If you have any questions about the Vessyl of if you want to order the cup, go to the website:

Vessyl 2       Vessyl 3


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