Everything you can imagine has a packaging. A lot of plastic and other material is used to protect and hold our things together. Because of this, we throw a lot of plastic and other polluting materials away. How can we solve this unnecessary pollution? Here is the solution: the first supermarket that sales groceries without packaging opened in Berlin.

Before you go to the Original Unverpakt store, you need to think about what you need to buy because you need to take your own bottle or tray as a package. The first customers are already excited!

In the store you can buy everything that you normally buy in the supermarket: rise, nuts, olive oil, vodka, clean products, muesli etc. You tap the exact amount of what you need, than weigh it at the pay desk. The idea arose one and a half-year ago, when the founder Milena Glimbovski (24) and Sara Wolf (31) where annoyed when they saw the amount plastic on the countertop after they cooked a meal.

This excess and waste of plastic is not only annoyed by the founders of the marked, but a lot of people share the same thoughts. The start-up capital for the store was received trough crowd-funding. Within 3 weeks they had more than 100.000 euro’s and when the schedule was tight, the residents spontaneously came to help the store.

The prices are also a lot better than in a regular grocery store and this while the products are mostly biological. Buying at Original Unverpakt can save you a lot of money because packaging costs money. You also save money because crazy logo’s don’t drive you crazy. In a regular grocery store, you are fixated on brands. The temptation to buy all things that you actually don’t need in a grocery store, is solved when you go to the Original Unverpackt store.

The founders are thinking of some solutions for the products that are not easy to sell packaging free. They want to offer a complete assortment. You can tap wine and vodka, but beer is difficult.

If you want some more information about the Original Unverpackt store or see which other countries are also introducing this system? Go to the website:

original-unverpackt_store-berlin-kreuzberg_press-preview-stylemag_3-950x633            08Unpackaged_905-600x350


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