The #H&MBalmaination

H&M is one of the important players in the big clothing chains, even as C&A and V&D. The sales volume of H&M in The Netherlands has grown with 1% to 763 million euros in 2013. This means that H&M has a marketshare of 9%. The brand is becoming bigger and bigger, in 2014 only they build 375 new stores worldwide.

It is nothing new that HM likes to collaborate with different designers. For about 10 years ago they started collaborating with Karl Lagerfeld, designer of Chanel, he created the first collaboration “Karl Lagerfeld for H&M” in 2004.

Last years Alexander Wang collection was a big surprise to everyone, but this weeks announcement was incredible to a lot of people. The creative designer of the brand Balmain, Olivier Roustang walked on the red carped next to famous models Kendall Jenner and Jourdan Dunn at the Billboard Music Awards, he pronounced that he is going to be part of the next collaboration with H&M. We all got a sneek peek of the Balmain x H&M collection that will appear this November 5th.


Why is it cool

With the young Olivier Roustang as creative director of Balmain, the personification of French luxury has grown to an enormous popculture phenomenon with stars like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as the faces of the brand.

Balmain is about energy, fun, amusement, freedom and about unique craftsmanship. And all of this with a tough of showbizz. The name of the brand is well known under a lot of people, but the brand is very expensive. For example, a little black dress has a price of about 1500 euros, most of the people can’t afford to buy something, because it is not in their price range. That is why is was a logical decision to show the popculture charm of the brand in collaboration with H&M. H&M is a brand which everyone can associate themselves with. It is about a feeling of a nation, and that is something that really stood-up to Olivier Roustang.

Olivier want to let the generation know what his goal as a designer is. H&M gives Balmain the unique opportunity to make it possible for everybody to get to know the world of Balmain. He wants to create a worldwide  #HMBalmaination movement, solidarity stimulated with a hashtag.

The collaboration between designers and H&M exists already more dan 10 years now. I think this kind of collaboration is going to last for many many years. H&M makes it possible for the ”normal” people to get in touch with clothes that they normally weren’t able te buy, that is why is it good promotion for H&M, besides, they also get a diverse offer every year. But also for the designer brands it has a positive effect. It gets more knowable with all types of people in every economical layer. The collaboration between two brands will help them become more approachable, populair and stronger.




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