Share a meal with strangers

The most common form of sharing goods and services is selling or buying second-hand goods. Nowadays there are more and more meal sharing services available. More than half (51%) of UK adults have bought or sold second-hand goods, with a further one in three (31%) who would consider it. These are an example of the open world because of the sharing.

Whether you’re a traveler looking for adventure, someone who loves to share your food, some to gain experience, or a local who likes to cook for strangers, you’re sure to find a culinary adventure.

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Meal has already spread to 450 cities around the world. In cities like Berlin, Chicago and Madrid it is very upcoming. With this experience you can get a home cooked meal,  maintain the old-fashioned warmth. That is something travelers often miss when they are on the road. It’s all about approachable, honest home cooking. You het the casual feel with low costs. The prices are ranging from about $10 to $30 a meal.

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Plate Culture.

Plate Culture is specifically designed for travelers. Through this, you can experience a culture’s traditional food in the now-trendy, Southeast Asia. Backpackers but also luxury travelers can book a meal in a local’s home for an authentic taste of Indonesia or Thailand for example. Seeing how locals truly live and be part of the house rules, language, menu and everything that is part of their lives. The price range of the meals is $11 to $70 per person.

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This is another sharing subject that rapidly spreading worldwide. It is designed for locals who want to experiences new things in their own cities. It already consist in 150 cities across 32 countries, with new cities added each month. The prices ranging from $32 to $75 in major cities.

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With Kitchensurfing, you pick the guests and the chef is the stranger instead of the other way round.  You don’t have to miss the whole party while cooking, serving or refilling with Kitchensurfing. This is basically an affordable luxury, with a various price raging, starting at $25 per person. Kitchensurfing now serves eight cities, but promises its coming to yours soon and offers email updates by zip code. Cleanup is also included. And in New York City, this is often less than ordering delivery.

Why is it cool

Sharing your knowledge and experiences with others will make you grow together. Not secretly doing research by your self, but helping others and get help yourself, brings you and the humanity further. You don’t need to suffer by eating alone, there are many ways to experience the open world!

We already see a lot of meal sharing services but I think this will rise during the years. In the UK more than 51 % of the people bought food that somebody else made. And more people are open to do that. Not only in your own town meal sharing is upcoming we see, but also when you’re traveling you can get in contact with meal sharing in other countries. I think the curiosity to other humans lives but also the need to be in contact with others, can help you to expand your knowledge and life, so this is something that we will contain to do forever I think.



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