McDonalds.. an open book?

Everybody noticed that people are more interested in knowing more about what they eat and drink. From food safety scandals to the serious public health impacts of eating fast food, consumers increasingly want truth, trust, and transparency in their food.They want to get to know the whole way from the beginning to the finished product. They want an open world with transparency. Edelman’s new consumer study, did a research, and found that 90% of people across 8 countries, want marketers to more effectively share their brands.

McDonald’s for example, is famous with their  famous golden arches and have become a familiar spectacle in towns and cities all over the globe. In 2014, the chain not only had 14,350 restaurants in the united States, but a further 21,908 in international locations. The Compagnie is big and has serious image problems because of the mass-produces and unhealthy food. That is why companies like this, are opening their secrets for the costumers to gain their trust. Until now, what happened behind the curtain at McDonald’s has been invisible to most of us, but changes are noticed.


Why is it cool

McDonald’s is launching a transparency campaign in America, in an effort to gain more trust from consumers. It is called “Our food. Your questions.”  and they are answering the questions of the public, like what’s really in a Chicken nugget? How are the sausage made? And whether there is “pink slime” in the burgers?

The move arises particularly among big compagnies, like a chain battles sliding, to improve the perception of their food quality. In this campaign, McDonald’s will respond to questions with behind-the-scenes videos that provides facts on ingredients, how its food is made and prepared in restaurants.

As part of the effort, McDonald’s has dedicated a section of its website to the campaign, as well as a video series which shows multiple happy McDonald’s suppliers. The video will appear on multiple social media forms as well, like Facebook and twitter.

McDonald’s is cheap, fast, predictable, tasty, and makes the kids happy, that is why people choose for the Compagnie. The future growth potential is hard to see with this “Our food. Your questions.” program because the company’s supply chain is so long, and the ingredients are coming from an unbelievable wide array of locations and facilities, it would be impossible to show more than a sliver of what goes on at the farm, factory, and processing levels. They may win favor with some consumers with this program, but a better strategy would be to make truly meaningful commitments to sustainability.



Ninety Percent of Consumers Want More from Brands


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