Honest Bruno

Their are so many clothing stores, brands and websites. You can buy what you want anywhere and anytime. But because the proposition is so big and is getting bigger every day, it is hard to know the way your piece of clothing went trough. Where all the fabrics are from, if the one who made it, is old enough and many more of those knowledge. 1/3 of the UK consumers claim to be very concerned about issues regarding the origin of products. We want transparency and an open world, we want to know were our stuff is coming from and if it is made fair.

A study from YouGov revealed that 74% of those surveyed would pay an extra 5% for their clothes if there was a guarantee workers were being paid fairly and working in safe conditions. Consider the fact that the fashion industry could take a staggering 125 million people out of poverty by adding only 1% of its profits to workers’ wages due to this. Bruno Pieters is a belgian designer who answers the needs of the people that find transparency very important.


Why is it cool

The idea for this openness started during Bruno’ sabbatical in south india. He travelled around and had in insight of how he saw the fashion industry at that time. He made contact with the locals and noticed that is was importent to them where their clothes were coming from and who made it. He started Honest By, the world’s first 100% transparent company launched in January 2012, because he wanted to be proud of his work and brand. That is why is chose to be totally transparent. At honest buy we see everything honest and visible. Everything you want to know about the piece you bought is written on the website. Bruno want to show respect for the environment, animals and the people who made everything.

The brand Honest By, shows people where materials come from, how much they cost, who made the product, where it was made and the most important thing of all, how much money all the people earned along the supply chain, including himself, no secrets anymore!  At the website, you can get a full explanation about where your product is produced, how long the work took, the exact price calculation and what the ecological footprint is. Everything you can possibly know.

The style of the clothing connects with Bruno’s style. It is clean, minimalistic and structured. Everything is limited edition and can be bought at his website. He is gives 20 % of the income to a charity and the rest is invested in new collections and the label itself.


He says: ,,The only reason it doesn’t happen is because consumers don’t understand that they can demand it. If people asked for it, it can happen tomorrow.”

What he says is true. That is why is is hard to see the future potential. Honest By is a beautiful brand with no secrets, isn’t that what we all want? But like he says, a lot of people are not thinking about what they buy, that much and deep. We buy without thinking and we don’t think about the consequences for others due to that. It is in our own power to see more of these transparant and open labels like Bruno’s. If more people are going to think about how our fashion industry works and want there to be a change, this kind of brand are going to arise incredible.







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