The Beautiful Truth

lara stone 3

The perfect woman with the perfect body is what we all want to be. It is hard to look at magazines and the television and watch al those size 0 models who nearly all the boys love (in our eyes). It gives woman an insecure feeling. As a result people are measuring to another and want to change their identities. Young women were challenged across the country to note every negative or anxious thought they had about their bodies over the course of one full day. The results shocked us: A whopping 97 percent admitted to having at least one “I hate my body” moment. To show that even the biggest models don’t always have size 0, but in the same time are even as beautiful we see Lara Stone, a dutch supermodel recently came with totally unretouched images in a fashion magazine!

Why is it cool?

When Lara was 16 years old, she moved to Paris to start her carrier as a model. Since then she become a legend that walked for the biggest brands like;  Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Lanvin, Miu Miu, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Karl Lagerfeld, Missoni, victoria’s Secret and many more.

The dutch beauty is married to comedian and actor David Walliams and gave birth to a son in may 2013. She gain a lot of weight when she was pregnant so that’s why she had to quit modeling for a while. It was scary for her to see that her body was changing that much.

Honest and Topless

These un photoshopped photos were Lara Stone’s return to high-concept modeling. A beautiful, true-to-life representation of a woman’s body post-baby.

Not everybody can be immediately as thin as before they gave birth, like Doutzen Kroes. Lara’s posed totally honest and topless in a photo session for Calvin Klein to proof that point.

lara stone 1      lara stone 2

The shot was taken by Juergen Teller for System Magazine. Together they decided to show trough these unprocessed photo’s the real body of a woman after she gave birth. In contrast with the official campagne,  these photos are not digital edited.

Regularly you see models with perfect body’s for all types of campaigns, the perfect hair, no wrinkles, striae nowhere to be found, a smooth skin, exactly the body were you can’t compare with, when you look at yourself in the mirror.

With these photos of Lara stone show “imperfections” that you rarely see in an airbrushed fashion campaign (striae, circles under her eyes, wrinkles and a dry skin. Also her poses are familiar and comfortable. Her body is not forced into weird angles but looks unbend and relaxed. Trough this photo you can see a real women, a women that doesn’t look like she’s totally perfect with no imperfections. She looks like a powerful but regular grownup. Is there anything sexier than that? I hope we are going to see these real photos more and more to show how beautiful the body is. It also shows that the images you most of the time see, are not real and photoshopped. These kind of photo’s are going to be the new perfect to everybody I hope, de ”real” perfect, just like anybody is! So I hope people are going to stop being insecure about themselves and changing their identities.



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