Perfect is changeable

In a world where it is importent to fit in well and to be beautiful, people are always doing their best to fit in. Currently, 80 percent of women in the U.S. are dissatisfied with their appearance. That is why people are searching to find themselves and shape themselves in who they want to be. They are searching for their identity and shifting to one and another to find their selves. But the fact is that the meaning of beauty changes over time, so it isn’t possible to shape yourself into the ”perfect body.”

Why is it cool?

The perfect body doesn’t exist! The perfect body is changing over the years. In more and more articles and video’s we see that perfect is not established. Our own opinion is changing. The body that we believe was perfect 100 years ago, now is not the perfect body anymore.

Around 1910 for example, the ridiculous small waists was ideally. And in the sixties, the extremely perpendicular and butt- and titless look from Twiggy was the most popular body. Nowadays the skinny body with a round formed butt is the best you can have.


There is just no getting around the fact that physical beauty, especially if you are a woman, is a real and important thing. We’d all probably like to pretend that in a perfect world each of us would be described to other people based on our properties and capacity, our ability to think intelligently and admirable and also our wonderful sense of humor. But unfortunately  that isn’t how it really works and we are all aware off that.

In this changing world that will probably never stops changing, of fast technology and useless data overload, at times it almost seems as if anything short of absolute perfection, especially when it comes to how you look to others, is equal to all-out failure.

This fact is really scary, it would be life changing if we women and in the same time our man take a broader look at the incredibly fast definition of beauty. Beautiful, desirable and sexy women had changed across the last centuries.When you look a women from our past, it is obvious to see that true beauty can never be stashed away from us behind walls.

Which proves more or less that, deep down in our human guts most of us understand that the most truly beautiful women we will ever know come in way more sizes, shapes, and colors than we are often led to believe. Think about your wife, mother or daughter for example.

So the changing perfect body in the past was a fact and we know for sure that the perfect body in the following centuries will also change a lot. So isn’t it better to look at the inside than out? Because we all know that we can really rely on that and that will never change. In the future the searching for the best you will never change I think.


The video is showing that the outer beauty is subjective and relative. In the movie they start around 1300 before Christ’s.

The love for symmetry in the time of the old Egypt’s till voluptuous rounding during the renaissance. From the boyish figure during the roaring twenties till the body of a super model in the eighties. 




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